GeoTrend – Privacy Policy

GeoTrend v3.7+ Privacy Policy

What information we store:

Nothing, we don’t have space. By using the app, you agree to any policies set forth by Apple. The above includes opting-in to sending crash reports. You can opt-out using: Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Share iPhone Analytics; this change will apply to all installed apps.

Updated 01-08-2018*

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What other services are collecting:

GeoTrend works with  Crashlytics, Inc to report any bugs affecting our App. This information consists of the device type, OS version and general hardware information including the time of the crash, the state of the application at the time, and applicable stack traces. Collected data does not include anything that could be used to identify an individual. Click here to review Crashlytics’ updated privacy policy.

Updated 07-11-2018

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